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The seller is"VIP-TAXI RIJEKA", and a customer is a visitor of these pages that fill the electronic order, send the seller and make payment via Bank, Bank wire or cash.


Ordered products or services can be paid online with one of our payment options and cash. 

Ordering and Reservations

Buyer ordered products or services through an electronic order form. Buyer is any person who ordered at least one electronic product, fill in the requested information and submit your order. All prices are in HRK (Croatian kuna).
The buyer has the additional ability to view prices in other major world currencies. The service can be ordered in electronic form, by clicking on a particular product or service, and storing it in a cart. The service is considered to be ordered when the customer chooses and confirm payment method.

The person who made a reservation for transport must be an adult and booking is done online through our website. Service prices for the selected transport are shown on our website and are subject to change by us as a carrier. A person who meets the reservation is responsible for the accuracy of personal data entered in the application form and booking. Booking transport of online booking must be made at least 48 hours prior to the transfer. When the client sends information by clicking on "Submit" button, the reservation will be automatically recorded and the client will be sent by e-mail with the confirmation of the reservation received. Personal data is that when you enroll in a fully protected and guarantees that in any way we client misuse of personal data. A person who enters the data is responsible for their accuracy. The carrier is not liable for false or incorrectly entered data entered in the registration form or when booking your reservation. A person who enters the data for group transportation also accepts these Conditions on behalf of the entire group and is considered the holder of all rights and obligations arising under these Terms.

Reservation will be confirmed when the transportation authority carry out a partial or a full payment to our corporate account, and we to him via e-mail sent confirmation with all the information ordered to transport, and therefore considers that the contract between the client and us as a transport carrier . Written confirmation will follow by e-mail within no later than 48 hours after receipt of the reservation. If the client does not receive a transfer certificate within this time please inform us immediately alerts via e-mail at: , or our Customer Contact Phone: +385.99.700.3041. The client should check the booking confirmation received, and if there are any incorrect or incomplete information, please tell us about it immediately. Payment for the ordered services may be done at our Booking page using one of the following payment options: payment through a commercial bank or cash. The carrier may not accept the resulting book, and will discuss it and the reason for not accepting reservations now by e-mail to inform customers. In case of rejection of reservation after the payment, the amount paid will be returned to the client in its entirety within 15 days.

Upon completion of booking the client will receive an e-mail address to get confirmation of processing the received reservation with all booking details. After payment to the account of Carrier's customer will receive a voucher to confirm the reservation was granted, and ordered her carriage and the passenger must show our driver before transport along with a valid document proving their identity. Voucher certificate contains the identification number of orders that can be used to check the status of the reservation, to change or cancel a reservation, and as a reference for communicating with client transportation.

Insurance and Vehicle

All our vehicles that provide transportation services are technically correct and provided in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia. Passenger insurance is included in the fare. Carrier agrees to transport will be done professionally and in accordance with applicable regulations of Croatia in the domain of transportation.

Cancellations and changes by the client

Orders received through the Booking service can not be canceled in less than 24 hours after the scheduled time for transportation. Commissioned transportation which is canceled in less than 24 hours before the reserved time will be charged to the client. The amount which will be charged in such case depends on the costs incurred by canceling the transportation, and can not be less than 150.00 HRK. In case of cancellation of the service between 2 to 5 days before the agreed date of transportation, the paid amount will be returned to the client minus 150.00 HRK, and in case that the cancellation of the service is less than 12 hours from the scheduled time of the transport, the carrier will not refund the paid amount to the client.

If a passenger is not available on the contact phone or doesn't come at the appointed time, after 30 minutes of waiting outside the reserved time, will result in charging a fee for transportation to the client. The amount which will be charged in such case depends on the actual costs incurred, the distance of transportation and other costs resulting from not showing up, but not less than 50% of the agreed fare. When receiving passengers from airports we allow 45 minutes waiting on arrival of passengers at the Info desk for the flights landing on time, unless the client decide to delay his arrival at the Info desk during the booking by sending a note (eg "arrive at the Info desk after 60 minutes"). If the waiting time is longer than 45 minutes we charge an additional amount for such hold. The client is obliged to inform us on time (before the vehicle has departed from starting place) in case of changes in travel plans, or possibly a missed flight, ferry, boat, etc.. If you notify us on the time of the new flight, ferry, boat, etc., to change the date and time of travel, such deferred arrival will not be charged. In case that the client is not able to get in contact with our driver, please contact us as soon as possible on contact phone number that is located on the confirmation voucher.

The client can change the reservation details at any time. If transportation details have been changed in two or more days prior to transportation there will be no extra fee, while changes made less than two days before transport will be charged 150.00 HRK. If price of a new transport costs more than the old price, it will be increased for it's difference, while in the transportation where prices are lower than the older ones, client will get refunded in cost difference. If the transfer has been canceled more than 5 days before transportation date, and due to higher force (natural disasters, death in close family, serious illnesses of a family member, etc.) the entire amount paid will be refunded upon presentation of proper evidence, or confirmation of the reason for cancellation in such case. If a client is entitled to any refund or part of the amount paid on any basis, the carrier is required to refund full amount within 30 days.

The responsibility of the carrier

The carrier is not liable for delays in the arrival or departure caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as traffic jams, extremely severe weather conditions, floods, storms, fires, earthquakes, etc. (Force Majeure), or in this case shall indemnify passengers. The carrier can not guarantee the duration of transport. All data on the duration of transport is approximate. Passengers who, after using our transportation services continue to travel by other means of transport should allow sufficient time for transport to such destination, ie the departure of another vehicle.

In the event that transportation is not made an error of the carrier, the carrier is obliged to pay back the full amount paid within 15 days. In the event that the vehicle that will carry out transport for any reason is not currently available for the selected transport or in case of malfunction of the vehicle during transport, the carrier agrees to provide the client more appropriate vehicle.

Behaviour during transport

Passengers who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other illicit drugs is not permitted to transport in our vehicles and in those cases are not entitled to any refund. A passenger whose behavior endangers the safety of the driver, other passengers or other road users will be removed from the vehicle, and reported to the competent authorities to maintain public order and peace. Smoking, consuming food, alcohol or drugs in the vehicle is strictly prohibited. The exception to this rule are drinking water and soft drinks in plastic bottles with a stopper.


A passenger in a rule can have up to two pieces of luggage or travel bag or suitcase and one piece of hand luggage size permitted in air traffic. Please specify when booking the type and amount of luggage for the selected transport so that we can provide a vehicle that will best suit the requirements. The carrier is not responsible for the contents of luggage which passengers enter the vehicle.

Transportation of children

Children younger than 12 years can not use our service to transport unaccompanied adults. For children under 5 years of age must use a child seat that takes up one seat in the vehicle, and therefore counts as a child and an adult passenger.


Seller agrees to deliver the product and service that is technically correct and conforms to the description of products and services to prominent The picture that illustrates the product or service on the web site does not have the actual appearance of products or services and the buyer can not advertise this segment.

Copyright Protection

All content on this website are protected and all rights are reserved.
User agrees not to illegally copy and distribute content (images, texts, types of products and services, ...) on this website, or use for their own purposes any portion of these products.


If you are not satisfied with the services, you can file a written complaint to our address:
"VIP-TAXI RIJEKA", CRAFT FOR TAXI, owner VINKO HLAJ  from RIJEKA, Mire Raduna Ban 5, or send it to E-mail: , or request refund of the amount paid by specifying reasonable cause. The carrier is obliged to consider all complaints and make a decision on them within 30 days. Objections must be submitted within 48 hours of completion of transportation. Without grounds objections will be considered.


VIP-TAXI RIJEKA" reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. Any changes will apply to the use website. Buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information when purchasing.

Services offered by "VIP-TAXI RIJEKA" do not include expenses to be incurred by using computer equipment and services to access our web site. "VIP-TAXI RIJEKA" is not responsible for phone charges, Internet traffic, or any other charges that may occur when you use services on our website.

Although "VIP-TAXI RIJEKA" attempts to give you the best possible service, we can not guarantee that the all services on our website will suit your needs. "VIP-TAXI RIJEKA" also can not guarantee that the service will be error-free. If an error occurs, please report them to our Contact Centre or e-mail to: , so we can remove error quickly as possible.


All issues that can arise from non-compliance with the provisions of these Terms by any party will first try to resolve by peaceful means, that settlement agreement and the agreement of the parties out of court. Otherwise, the jurisdiction of the competent court in Rijeka.